Wow wow wow, thank you <3 just finished Parable of the Sower and thinking a lot about change, this summer, where to go and how to prepare.

"In your cyclical movements you often have to separate from situations and people you love, and the more you love them the more difficult it is to allow anyone new to replace them.

This action can produce guilt, withdrawal, and rumination that some might read as depression. But to preserve, and return to a past you have voluntarily left—to suffer remorse—has always signaled a station in spiritual progress. [...]

Q—the Quidam, Whoever, the unknown one—or I, is turning in a circle and keeps passing herself on her way around, her former self, her later self, and the trace of this passage is marked by a rhyme, a coded message for 'I have been here before, I will return.'"

— Fanny Howe, "Bewilderment"

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Simply loved it... Yeah, it's hard to let go but once you think of it lightly, it helps to step in future. Separation from things and people does break everyone but being a taurian it adds a bit more to me. Taurus generally are stubborn... they detest changes. I hate them...Moving to high school, shifting to a new home, new friends even if they are better scares me. But then this quote is what I've reminded myself in those times...

If ur depressed ur living in future,

If you are anxious you're thinking future,

and if you are at content , you are in present.

I think the best way to let go is to hold the present, its all you have...

This article is simply deep...

Thanks a ton

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Well done.... well done

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